Presentation Revamping Ashtart Project

The ASHTART Platforms have a variety of facilities, age and type, which reflects their progressive development.

The Revamping Project ASHTART is to make improvements and extensions to some existing facilities, primarily the activation system by gas lift wells and ESP pumps, the electrical generation system, fuel gas system, and the system process control.

To overcome these limitations, the revamping project provides the following redevelopment of ASHTART facilities.

  • Installation of a new turbocharger gas lift capacity 580,000 SCM / J;
  • Installation of a new ESP in existing wells PF1 PF3 & by converting the GL activation ESP ;
  • Addition of 2 new 5MW turbine generators, by removing an existing, to meet energy demand ;
  • Conversion of the electrical distribution system of 380V to 5.5kV, installation of new HV tables, 2 new electrical rooms, new submarine cable (PF2 - PF3) and a system of load shedding ;
  • Improved management facilities by upgrading the system of process control and instrumentation central platforms;
  • Recovery Condensate and reduction of flared gas;
  • Risk Studies and Safety " HSE Case Studies" for all ASHTART installations and management recommendations generated by these studies;
  • Les Plates-formes d’ASHTART ont une diversité d’infrastructures, en âge et en type, qui reflète leur développement progressif.
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