Our bus ines s succes s i s based on the dedication, creativity and qualification of our staff, above all, on their motivation and willingness to learn.

We are happy to recognize their individuality and their desire for personal responsibility. We take it as understood that they will want to do their best and we want our corporate policies to encourage them to be proud and happy to work for us.

They should be able to find and pursue their opportunities for personal development in the work place.

We strive to be one of the best companies to work for and to be a fair and responsible employer that promotes equal opportunities, modern forms of employee development and a positive and dynamic working environment. Outstanding and motivated employees are the key to the company’s success.

Our employees are selected exclusively according to their qualifications, suitability, and performance.

It is our policy that all staff should enjoy equal opportunities.

Employees and job applicants will not be discriminated against on grounds of age, race, religious conviction, skin color, nationality, ethnic origin, political or other beliefs, gender, orientation, handicap, or family status.

This principle means that the same treatment must be applied to everyone under a given set of conditions.

Whether different conditions apply must be determined solely depending on reasonable and objective criteria.

All of the following corporate principles are subordinated to this principle of equal opportunity.

In some cases, however, SEREPT will not be able to deploy staff of a particular group or gender in a particular area due to security reasons.


We are committed to selecting and recruiting employees who are the best suited to the current and future requirements of the job and to supporting their integration into the organization.

The principle of equal opportunity is strictly observed.

The use of internal advertisements ensures that existing employees have at least as good a chance as external applicants.

Our employees are selected exclusively according to their qualifications, suitability and performance. We strive to employ people from the areas in which we are operating.


Our personnel policy is based on long-term employment.

Staff and organization should both benefit from long-term working relationships.

With this in mind, we take special care in the selection of staff and attach great importance to education and training programs, to conditions of employment and to long-term career development.

We are also aware that job security represents a major concern, not only for the individual employee, but also for society and the region concerned.

Therefore, we make every effort to live up to these responsibilities by planning for possible contingencies.

Where organizational change requires a change in the place of employment or the security environment , oratransfer  or termination of employment, we evaluate all the options, engage in constructive dialogue and respond with the maximum possible care and sensitivity.

Where , despitetraining, transfer or development programs, the release of staff becomes unavoidable, we make every effort to take into account the economic and social consequences for those affected.

Employees can also complete their work duties in a way that is compatible with important work-life balance phases with the approval of their supervisors.

Training and development

Our goal is to promote the economic well-being of the enterprise and the long - term employment and personal development of all our staff through training and other development measures.

It is the responsibility of the relevant management together with the Human Resources Department to determine staffing requirements.

Employees should also bear a large measure of responsibility for themselves.

Important factors in staff development are based on personal values of respect, integrity, loyalty, honesty , flexibility , transparency, innovation, and cooperation.

Training and education are seen as an investment in the employee, wi th the expectation that there will also be benefits for the organization. Continuing education takes the form of internal and external training courses, and e-learning and training on the job are being encouraged.

Staff development, career and succession planning

In the context of our policy of long-term employment and with the aim of assuring optimal staff development, there is, as a general rule, an annual process of personal development planning.

This ensures that individual potential is recognized and optimally developed for the benefit of both the individual and the organization, and prevents vacancies arising.

Remuneration policies

The policies of our organization aim ensure that staff is remunerated fairly for their adequate output.

The system reflects the legal requirements, prevailing standards within the industry and local conditions, and includes premiums and bonuses for individuals or groups as a reward for especially praiseworthy achievements. In providing fringe benefits, employees’ needs are the principal consideration, along with the need to remain comparable with other organizations.

HSSE Policy : Presentation of our Health, Safety, Security and Environment Policy.
Code of Conduct : Presentation of our Code of conduct depicting the values and principles of our society.


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