Health, Safety and Environment

Wherever we operate, we behave with the express intention of taking as our model the highest standards for health, safety, security and the protection of the environment, and with t h e a im o f c o n t i n u a l l y improving our performance in these respects.

Our health, safety, security, and environmental protection policies form an integral part of our mission.

A l l o u r e f f o r t s f o c u s o n t h e c o n t i n u a l improvement of environmental, quality and safety standards as well as security best practices throughout the company.

Our health, safety, security and environmental policies

We take proven and economically effective technologies as a basis and accept responsibility for the health, safety, and security of our employees and for an intact environment. In our own interest and in the interests of the environment we set ourselves ambitious targets for resource conservation.

We proactively emphasize increasing energy efficiency, improved recycling levels, and the reduction of emissions and waste to a minimum.

Our plants, processes and products are developed using state-of-the-art environmental and safety technologies and we focus on achieving an acceptable balance between environmental considerations and satisfactory business performance.

Our staff are responsible for the occupational safety of their operations and for actively protecting the environment.

Their qualifications are kept up-to-date by ongoing training programs.

Occupational medicine, mitigation of risks, health care, safety and security for local residents and in the workplace

We attach great importance to the health of our employees.

Our occupational health measures help our employees to cope on a daily basis with their stress and strain, both, work related and otherwise.

The safety and security of our employees and all persons present at our sites is important to us. We provide periodical training courses to make our employees more security-conscious and to give them practical skills in dealing with sources of danger.

Preventive measures and active incident prevention through substantial improvements in workplace safety and analysis of potential risk factors allow us to optimize our workplace safety performance on an ongoing basis.

Safety in the workplace is a management responsibility.

Prevention of safety risks for local residents and mitigation of damage

We take active technical, people oriented and organizational preventive measures to reduce risks and discuss measures with the competent local authorities.

Our crisis management system requires that contact persons, workflows, call flows and responsibilities be clearly defined in contingency plans.

All plans are tested through irregular practice drills to make sure that they work.

The simulations test the alarm systems, the ability of auxiliary services to cooperate, the management organization and how well it functions, and the lines of communication.

Our facilities are planned to high safety levels, and we employ contractors who are capable of working with us to achieve internationally recognized safety and environmental standards. This principle applies irrespective of the particular business segment, so that all processes are covered. Great importance is attached to continual development of up-to-date safety measures within the company for use in ecologically sensitive or densely populated areas.

Environmental protection

Our environmental policies commit us to comply with local safety, security and environmental regulations in all the fields in which we operate and to bring local environmental protection standards up to international industry standards. This also applies to those countries in which safety, security and environmental legislation are still in the process of development.

In this way, we support the use of sustainable business practices, which are economically sound, environmentally friendly and socially aware. We also attach special importance to maintaining biodiversity.

We take responsibility for the protection of biodiversity in the fields in which we currently operate, and will carry on doing so in any future projects.

Our experience and the technologies we employ in production and processing are designed to control and reduce undesirable effects on the environment.

Modern soil protection and water conservation in production processes, safe production, storage and transport of our products and up-to-date management of waste and wastewater are standard practice in our company.

Climate protection and renewable energy sources

We see the climate debate as an important contribution to environmental stability and participate actively in it.

Over and above that, we accept without reservation the need for active measures to reduce greenhouse gases.

This means that in our own production processes we employ the latest emission reduction technologies, are careful in our use of natural resources and develop, produce, introduce and market modern, environmentally friendly products.

As an oil company, we follow developments in connection with renewable energy resources with interest, take an active part in these developments and adopt an objective and holistic approach to alternative energy sources.

We recognize that traditional and renewable sources of energy represent an opportunity to use different energy sources in appropriate areas, subject to considerations of efficiency and security of supply.

Protection of people, assets, information and reputation

We recognize that traditional and renewable sources of energy represent an opportunity to use different energy sources in appropriate areas, subject to considerations of efficiency and security of supply.acts.

However, we expect staff members to treat the equipment and information entrusted to them with appropriate care and to use these assets for their intended purposes. The company secur i ty s tandards and documents apply to all employees, consultants, interns, partners and family members of individuals who are under the protection of the company and to all official guests of the company.

Minimum security standards are adhered to and only authorized persons are allowed to enter the company premises and have access to the company information. Staff not following security rules and acting in ways that put their lives or the lives of others at risk will have to bear the consequences up to and including dismissal.

We also expect all staff members to accept responsibility for the impact of their own behavior and to recognize that their behavior in and outside their work can potentially have a negative impact on other staff members, the company’s business operations and/or SEREPT’s reputation or result in the commission o f c r imi n a l acts against staff members or the company.

HSSE Policy : Presentation of our Health, Safety, Security and Environment Policy.
Code of Conduct : Presentation of our Code of conduct depicting the values and principles of our society.


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