Human Rights

We believe that economic growth and added value are legitimate goals.

Nonetheless, our activities should result not only in economic benefits, but also in improved quality of life for people who are affected by our operations. Wherever we are present, we want to be good neighbors.

Wherever we operate, we strictly observe prevailing laws and regulations and show respect for the culture and way of life, with the earnest intention of understanding the special character of our host area.

As far as our influence extends, we respect, comply with, and support the protection of human rights in our sphere of influence. Our ethical standards ensure that our organization does not participate in the abuse of human rights and that we are in compliance with existing rules and regulations.

It is primarily the responsibility of governments to uphold human rights, and we will support this endeavor and encourage their observation.

Assessment of new involvements

We review new involvements conscientiously and make every effort to evaluate objectively the foreseeable socioeconomic and socio- cultural consequences of our activities, their possible effects on the environment, expected critical safety and security aspects and potential conflicts.

In cases of uncertainty or doubt, we consult suitably qualified experts.

For our field operations, we strive to coordinate with ongoing consultation with the local community. We communicate with the relevant national and regional representatives.

As minor participants in consortia and companies, whatever our degree of involvement, we endeavor to ensure that our partners and the operators employ best business practices.

Human rights abuses in the environment in which we are operating

Where we are the operator and are made aware of rumors on human rights abuses in the environment for which we are responsible, we immediately bring it to the attention of the relevant authority for their objective investigation of the facts and their background.

Forced labour, child labour, freedom of association

As an enterprise, we operate in host areas with the most varied socioeconomic and socio- cultural systems and are bound by relevant regulations. Whatever the environment, we respect freedom of association and recognize the right to collective bargaining.

We endeavor to employ locally, accept collective bargaining, and we behave correctly towards employee representatives.

A prohibition against forced labor and unlawful child labor is progressively included in all of our contracts with our suppliers.

Development aid and humanitarian projects

Where we support development aid or humanitarian projects, decisions, as to which measures best correspond to the actual needs of the people in our areas of operation, are taken in cooperation with local, regional organizations.

We want to be ideal citizens

It is a matter of principle for us to contribute to the creation of value in our operated areas, as far as this is within our power in our areas of influence.

Where we are the operator or responsible for managing operations, we endeavor to employ locally in accordance with our principles of non-discrimination.

In such cases, we also accept the responsibility of providing these people with the benefits of our standards regarding employee rights and protection.

In partnership situations, we do our utmost to ensure that our partners similarly apply high standards, and if necessary, we help implement them.

Our Code of Conduct is also the basis of our collaboration with contractors.

HSSE Policy : Presentation of our Health, Safety, Security and Environment Policy.
Code of Conduct : Presentation of our Code of conduct depicting the values and principles of our society.


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