2D and 3D seismic interpretation

Data visualization and quality control

Data visualization and quality control

Interprétation des attributs sismiques :

Interpretation of seismic attributes :

  • Recommendation and supervision of processing programs;
  • Preparation of scope of work and technical specifications ;
  • Identification of leads and prospects;
  • Economic evaluation and geophysical risk.

Geologic Control

Our geologists are able to provide the geological control on site.

Contrôle géologique

Static Modeling

Structural modeling (PETREL and GEOFRAME software).

  • Reserves estimation ;
  • Risk analysis ;
  • Highlighting various reservoirs from well data ;
  • Petrophysical modeling .

Model statique

Model statique

Petroleum Potentiel Evaluation

SEREPT played the leading role in evaluating oil and promoting Tunisian subsurface (North Tunisia project Jorf, Chemsi, Makthar and Jelma blocks, the three Gulfs of Tunis, Hammamet and Gabes as well as Central & Southern Tunisia…) Such evaluation is based on :

  • Biostratigraphic study of field campaign samples;
  • Biostratigraphic synthesis based on boreholes and outcrops data (from Recent to Palaeozoic levels) ;
  • Essential features of the dynamics of sedimentary basins ;
  • Highlighting the major structural features related to different deformation and tectonic phases that affected the region ;
  • Individualization of the existing types of structural and stratigraphic traps ;
  • Study of the potential source rock, maturation and migration in order to identify levels that can feed potential traps ;
  • Thematic mapping in order to identify highest prospectivity areas for each topic ;
  • Structural interpretation of seismic data.

Section Géosismique

Thematic Studies

Geologie & Geophysic team can:

  • Revaluate certain themes and update the value of certain prospects by providing new ideas and concepts. Ex: discovery of BedBarS reservoir (Serj), Sidi Kilani, Maamoura and Zinnia (Abiod), El Hajeb, Belli and Sidi El Itayem (Bou Dabbous) ;
  • Identify reasons for prospects failure from geological and seismic point of view ;
  • Present new geological models for improving the production of certain fields ;

Petroleum database

The SEREPT TGG team provides a very important and valuable database with more than five hundred exploration wells and several tens of thousands of kilometres of seismic.

Base de données pétrolière

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