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  • The Ashtart field was discovered in 1971, and has been in operation since 1974. The field was originally developed by Elf-Aquitaine Oil Company.
  • The Ashtart field production recovery mechanism has been continually developed since operation commenced in 1974. 
  • The Ashtart field consists of a single reservoir about 70 meters in thickness.
  • The reservoir is heavily faulted; hence the production wells are practically non-interacting. The hydrocarbons are under-saturated, with downhole pressures in the range of 200 bars (eastern part of the reservoir) to 250 bars (western part of the reservoir), and temperatures of 140ºC. Most of the wells are at a substantial depth of ~3000 meters, and the Tubing Head Pressures (THP) are consequently low at ranging from 8 -10 bars.
  • Oil production is water-driven. The field is circled by water injection wells, using seawater.




  • The average production of the Ashtart field during the month of November 2023 is 507 m3/d (3189 Bbls/d).


  • 7 Wells are injectors to inject 99300 m3 of treated seawater, in order to maintain the pressure in the deposit. (during the month of November-2023)




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