Asset Integrity of SEREPT aims to achieve excellence in our operations (Safe operating, ensure respect of environment).

SEREPT is committed to developing a management system of the Asset Technical Integrity (ITI SG) based on a proactive approach to control industrial risks related to asset technical integrity, principles of sustainable development and continuous improvement.

DITC activity based on independent audits and periodic checks aims to ensure that the technical integrity of production facilities is assured and also unexpected failures of equipment are sufficiently reduced.

Activities of the technical integrity are :

  • The prevention of major accidents;
  • Improved integrity;
  • Improved reliability;
  • Compliance with legal requirements;
  • The optimization of inspection activities to meet the objectives of the company safety and profitability;
  • Installation certified.
HSSE Policy : Presentation of our Health, Safety, Security and Environment Policy.
Code of Conduct : Presentation of our Code of conduct depicting the values and principles of our society.


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