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  • The Union was transformed by Company ''Research and Exploitation of Petroleum in Tunisia '' February 18, 1949 . the Company kept the same acronym SEREPT the union.
  • Union act states that the Union shall be :
    • Perform all research work or studies in oil permits or concessions ,
    • Possibly create , if discovered one or more operating companies,
  • Underwriters have decided to exploration by the Union and form societies for the activity exploitation.
  • Company : :
    • Has the same acronym as the Union ' SERPT.
    • Replaces the Union in all its rights and obligations.
  • Well Cap Bon started 1 in February 1948 showed interesting clues to from 1460 m ( September 1948 ).
  • Members gathered in AGE 16 October 1948 Union , decided of :
    • Contribution of assets to the Union company anonymous training.
    • Union into liquidation the date of such contribution.
HSSE Policy : Presentation of our Health, Safety, Security and Environment Policy.
Code of Conduct : Presentation of our Code of conduct depicting the values and principles of our society.


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