Maintenance Equipements

Maintenance is also maintaining a broad range of equipment, such as:

Rotating equipment :

  • Gas lift compressor turbines ;
  • Power generation turbines ;
  • Water injection turbines ;
  • Gas lift compressor ;

Safety critical elements :

  • Fire fighting pump ;
  • Diesel generator ;
  • Crane ;
  • Lifeboat ;
  • PSV ;

Various other utilities and equipment :

Working with a wide range of different technology the latest one and the initial one, and some of the brightest minds in the industry, SEREPT uphold the very highest standards of maintenance integrity.

Compresseur basse pression avec casing ouvert pendant l’inspection du Turbocompresseur Z2700

Low pressure compressor with casing opened during the inspection of compressor turbine Z2700


HSSE Policy : Presentation of our Health, Safety, Security and Environment Policy.
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