Maritime connections

The logistics team is responsible for ensuring the delivery and return of the site hardware through the sea port of Sfax. It has the responsibility of preparing the necessary authorizations from Customs also by drinking water, diesel and food.

Liaisons maritimes

Main activities of Supply on the ASHTART Site

Operating Activities :

Liaisons maritimes

  • Transport material from the port of Sfax to the ASHTART Site,
  • Supply of facilities the ASHTART site food,
  • Supply site facilities to ASHTART by drinking water and Oil and Gas..
  • Ensure the safety of facilities : a supply is always in the ASHTART area,
  • Transport contingent personnel to the ASHTART Site,
  • Transfer of personnel between installations of the ASHTART site.

Activités Forage :

Liaisons maritimes

  • Transport of drilling equipment and Workover ,
  • Transportation to the facilities of the water-based mud and oil and return the site of the mud used,
  • Transport and pumping operation of the port of Sfax to supply cement and barite. Pumping to supply Drilling Rig,
  • Transfer of Rig 05 between platforms (from PF2 to PF3 and PF2 to PF3 ) via the port of Sfax.

Activités Revamping :

  • Transport of equipment to new facilities and equipment dismantled return to the port of Sfax,
  • Support the barge FLOTEL when anchoring and de- anchoring,
  • Towing car go barge.


Marine activities :

  • Loading of oil ,
  • Work ROV from the supply,
  • Terminal - Activities: Maintenance mooring buoys and standby maintenance floating line loading of diving work surface.


Liaisons maritimes

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