The 23rd Meeting of French Language Ostracodologists

The 23rd Meeting of French Language Ostracodologists

Fossil ostracods populations are very important in understanding the paleogeography and deposits are used in synthesis studies biostratigraphic often sought in the Exploration Department.


This meeting is held every two years, has always had a day of scientific sessions and one or two days of field trips.


scientific session is supported by a round table open discussions on the latest in the specialty of the year and the outlook for the coming year as well as oral communications to be presented by the participants and often published in the French Journal of Micropaleontology.


excursions allow sampling of clay marl levels conducive to the harvesting and ostracods are animated discussions with various specialists both in faunal content outcrops to observe that their dating and their deposition conditions .


organization of this meeting is assured, since 1977, by rotation among the various participants that most often represent a particular country or region or academic body oil.


At the 22nd meeting of Ostracodologistes (22nd ROLF) which took place in Brussels, participants strongly expressed the wish that the next meeting (23rd ROLF) can take place again in Tunisia in spring 2010. Indeed , SEREPT organizes for the 2nd time this scientific event; the first took place in 1983 under the responsibility of Mr. Hector BISMUTH. This testifies to the anchor of this tradition in SEREPT who has always encouraged the work of research and fundamental studies in geology because it believes that collaboration between industry, academia and researchers is essential for the promotion and development of different techniques used in our field.


After approval from the Directorate General (Gentlemen Tarak HAMZAOUI and Andreas SCHEED, SEREPT DGA) to organize the 23rd ROLF Tunisia (6 to 8 May 2010) and the granting of a substantial budget to carry good preparation for this meeting, the announcement of the organization of the 23rd ROLF Tunisia was made on a specialized international site Ostracon well as on the website SEREPT.


29 Ostracodologistes various countries (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, England, Poland, Brazil, Tunisia) have registered to participate, and 17 papers were announced.


The large number of participants at this meeting, the diversity of their origin and communications already present testimony to the success of this event.


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